Khanh Hoa Union of Friendship Organizations “Active, Flexible, Innovative, Effective”

Khanh Hoa Union of Friendship Organizations (KHUFO) was founded with the name “Friendship Association of countries and nations” in 1987, then was officially changed to KHUFO in 1994. With the guideline “Active, flexible, innovative, effective”, KHUFO together with Friendship Associations and members have overcome every difficulty, complete the people-to-people missions, contribute to advertise the image of Khanh Hoa Province to foreigner friends, as well as enhance the relationship between locals and people all over the world.

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KHUFO has been developing communication types following the orientation of socialization – diversification – multilateralization. Contents and forms of peace and friendship activities are richer and richers, attracting more international friends to participate.
Annual friendship activities are: Organizing parties for Laotian and Combodian students studying in Khanh Hoa on occasion of their traditional New Year BunPiMay (Laos) and CholThnamThmay (Cambodia); Celebrating French Independent Day for overseas and French citizens who are living in Nha Trang; Exchanging relations with Russian friends on accasion of Victory over Facism (May 9th);…
To create opportunities for young generations to connect with deversified cultures all over the world, KHUFO has cooperated to organize: “French Culture” contest for students of all ages; Exchange cuisine cultures between Vietnam and Japan at Nha Trang University;… KHUFO also does a great job in welcoming foreign Ambassadors, Professors, students to visit and connect with KHUFO.
Being aware that people-to-people relations and information play an important role, KHUFO keeps updating works and activities taking place in the province and across the country on official website, Friendship Magazine and by direct propagation.

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By prestige created over the past 30 years, KHUFO has been trusted by foreign Non-governmental Organizations, as they sponsor for charity programs and projects in Khanh Hoa. These sponsors support the province’s orientation, focusing on medical and educational sectors, as well as poverty and hunger alleviation.
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KHUFO’s great efforts have been contributing to success of people-to-people relations of Khanh Hoa Province and the whole Nation in general.


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